Robotic Rehabilitation

Recently, the technological development created new opportunities for developing robotic systems that are capable to propose new rehabilitation methods.

A robotics special department is active in PALLADION and has state-of-the-art devices that assure excellent and fast results in recuperation and rehabilitation even in the most difficult cases, covering the whole spectrum of therapies, from lower to upper limbs and vertebral column diseases.

Revolutionizing the Rehabilitation field!

Robotic Rehabilitation systems, combined with the specialized treating staff of PALLADION, provide spectacular results in a short period, helping to reduce the rehabilitation time required and as result reducing the therapy costs.

This robotic technology allows the quantification of quality and the quantity of multi-sensorial stimuluses, the measurement of therapy results, therefore your constant improvement during the program you attend (times, movements, coordination and stamina improvement).

Smart, cutting-edge, interactive rehabilitation? Robotics is the answer!

G-eo System

The most advanced retraining system for lower limbs and the most versatile robotic trainer in the world.

It ensures multiple and different therapy settings for orthopedical and neurological diseases, such as walking, the simulation of going up stairs as well as alternating between passive and active support, that can maximize the quality of the entire rehabilitation process of each patient. Publications indicate that persons undergoing therapeutic treatment from the G-EO SYSTEM have a significantly higher percentage of independent walking and it is more possible that they are able to walk compared to other therapeutic approaches.


An innovative solution to the therapy of serious and mild neuro-muscular dysfunction of upper limbs.

It maximized your ability to take care of yourself and proceed to household duties, reforming your functional ability and the required dexterity for independence in everyday life.

Designed for persons with inabilities throughout the motion, the upper limb joints and muscular weakness in its muscular groups, aiming to maximize the functional rehabilitation.


“The tool for everything” in terms of assessing the sensorial-motor function of lower limbs and the core.

It is an advanced technology device, used for the rehabilitation of the ankle, the knee, the ischium and the lumbar region of the vertebral column, the functional retraining after a stroke, the treatment of degenerative diseases of the central nervous system and the malfunctions of the peripheral nervous system, the exercise of orthostatic control, balance, core stability, proprioception, as well as the prevention and assessment of possible falls in elder people.

«FREE Walk» Exoskeleton

Designed for persons with lower limb weakness with a greater result and application spot in individuals with spinal cord injuries. Users are able to place and remove the device by themselves. With the press of a button, the user can easily sit, stand and walk. Upon increasing the activities in limbs, life is better and healthier. The robotic device mimics greatly the normal walking cycle.


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