Therapeutic Massage


Discover a way to upgrade your health!

Massage therapy is considered sacred since the ancient times and by every culture. Its goal is to provide benefits for health. Therapeutic massage is an important term in the field of therapeutic services. Via intense handling and the use of oil and essential oils, the skin is revitalized causing deep relaxation, while the muscular system becomes more elastic, reducing spasms.

Therapeutic massage is the ideal choice if you suffer from injuries or you are prone to them, if you wish to get rid of chronic disorders such as insomnia, neck pain, fatigue etc. Upon stimulating the nervous system, it provides a sense of serenity and relaxation, calming down stress that prevails in our everyday life.


Rejuvenate your mind, body and energy!

At PALLADION, you may find various types of therapeutic massage – Sport massage, calming massage, massage based on the Chinese practice theory and the 5 elements of nature (Wood, Fire, Water, Metal, Earth) – which focus on different parts of the body or therapeutic approaches. For this reason, it is recommended to have your history prior to therapeutic massage sessions and during your first visit, the doctor in PALLADION will pose questions about your sleeping habits, past or current medical issues, mental health issues, diet and digestion. Then, he will define the type of therapeutic massage that fits best to your needs.


Therapists in PALLADION have studies and many years of professional experience in therapeutic massage, thus they will help you develop a better immune system, improve blood circulation, remove toxins from the body, improve your motor abilities, relax muscles and nerves, have quality sleep, improved function of joints and increase in mental processes!

Feel beautiful, both inside and outside! 

At PALLADION you have the ability to combine the benefits of massage with the use of nano-bubbles device and healing water! The non-intrusive hydrotherapy with nano-bubbles provides soothing against skin irritations, removal of bacteria, reduction of odors, excellent hydration of the skin, soft exfoliation and improvement of the skin’s metabolism.

If you look for revitalization, choose a therapeutic massage session in PALLADION.

You deserve it!


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