An ancient therapeutic method!

Acupuncture, one of the oldest therapeutic methods globally, aims to restore and maintain health by activating special spots in the body via needs. For you who want to get rid of chronic pains, migraines, allergies, stress and depression, hypertension etc. or wishing to help your body gain back the strength needed, acupuncture is the solution!

One “signal” is enough for your body to respond!

One “signal” is enough for your body to respond!

The specialized doctor in PALLADION enters with sterilized, thin, stainless, one-use needles in the examinee’s body, causing a specific chosen action to the body, aiming to regulate its operations for the optimum balance of the entire body – both mentally and physically.

In ear acupuncture, the doctor sticks a few plasters on the fin of the ear, that remain there for 5 to 15 days and the same man that bears them may stimulate them throughout the day.

A session usually lasts 15-30 minutes (1 to 5 times per week) and depending on the acupuncture type and the needs of the examinee, maybe 2 cycles each having 6-12 sessions may be required.


Efficiency and safety!

Acupuncture is painless and can be performed in persons of any age. It heals the intense or chronic pain and the duration of its effects is long. It has anti-inflammatory properties and balances the immune and endocrine system. It reinforces and revitalizes the body in general, thus helps to treat various symptoms such as allergies, stress, depression, osteoarthritis, insomnia, migraines etc.

During your visit in PALLADION, the doctor will pose a series of question in terms of current and past medical issues, mental health issues, sleep habits, nutrition and digestion. Then, he will define the acupuncture type that best suits your needs.

Balanced and harmonious feeling!

Each individual responds to and experiences acupuncture in a different way. Some people feel energized and ready for everything. Some experience immediately an improvement while others may need a few sessions before they see a positive change. The most common answer to acupuncture, however, is that propel feel happy and satisfied.

After a session, you will immediately notice a reduction or removal of pain, energy improvement, increased work motivation with greater creativity and better concentration – memory, balance in your diet habits, sleep improvement etc.


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