Medical Treatment

With many years of experience in the field of rehabilitation, the medical team of PALLADION has all the necessary know-how to provide quality treatment and to deal with any emergency need, throughout the day.

Consisting of a Physician, a Cardiologist, a Pulmonologist, a Neurologist, a Microbiologist and a Radiologist- as well as of a multitude of other specialties upon request – our team offers you immediate, effective and professional care.

The doctor guiding your care group is the Physician, with advanced training and expertise in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, who monitors your course and plans the rehabilitation program you will follow.

The medical team focuses on a targeted rehabilitation procedure, providing holistic care and including the management of the sentimental and psychological consequences of the disease/injury that led you to us.


 2ο km Tripoli-Tegea Ring Road,
22100 Tripoli

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