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Hyperthermia is a method against cancer. Its action is based on the direct destruction of malicious cells and their inability to multiply. It is non-toxic and is usually combined with radiation and chemotherapy. Clinically, temperature rises locally to 42ºC or 45ºC or systematically throughout the body at temperatures 38ºC – 40.5ºC without causing any major toxic phenomena.

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PALLADION has the top-range and certified hyperthermia equipment, IRATHERM 1000 and CELSIUS 42, providing the ability of whole-body or local hyperthermia respectively.

Local hyperthermia

The focused temperature increase provides the ability of creating a beam of electromagnetic energy and diffusing it on a specific spot of the body. It increases temperature in the tumor area, thus making it more sensitive, as well as providing oxygen around it. It reinforces the absorption of the chemotherapy and radiation substance, as well as the body’s defense against cancer cells. Lastly, it increases the rehabilitation rates and improves the patient’s quality of life.

Whole body hyperthermia

Hyperthermia throughout the body is used to naturally enhance and wake up the immune system and metabolism. In essence, it causes artificial fever by using infrared radiation, simulating the sun’s radiation to heat the body. Its therapeutic action is due to the increase of blood stream in organs and tissues, the acceleration of metabolism, the activation of the hormonal and immune system, the treatment of chronic inflammations, the disposal of heavy metals and the reduction of muscular spasms.

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Hyperthermia is applied via microwaves, radio frequencies, ultrasounds, infrared radiation. It is applied in combination with radio and/or chemotherapy in the following cases:

  • Superficial tumors up to 4 cm deep
  • Skin melanomas
  • Soft tissue sarcomas
  • Extensive pelvis cancers (urinary bladder, gynecological cancer)
  • Metastatic cancers in the liver or the peritoneum
  • Areas with relapse and additional radiation therapy

The knowledge and experience in practicing this method by the scientific team of PALLADION will help you feel the certitude and comfort you need right away

“Give me the power to cause fever and I will heal all diseases”
Parmenidis, Greek philosopher (approximately 520-455 B.C.)

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