Why choose Palladion!

An ideal setting for therapeutic purposes

PALLADION is a model center of medical rehabilitation and recuperation with a holistic – human-oriented approach in the field of medical care.

Following the international standards indicating that health facilities should be far from cities, PALLADION offers its services in a setting that is ideal for therapeutic purposes. The center facilities, measuring a total surface area of 33 acres in the heart of Peloponnese, the exceptional environmental conditions and the state-of-the-art facilities contribute to the rehabilitation process of patients.

Why choose Palladion
total area



1,5 hour

from Athens


When the goal is to regain the ability and self-sufficiency that you lost due to injury or illness, the right choice of quality and care in rehabilitation is of utmost importance.

Not all rehabilitation facilities are the same. There are many differences in the levels of experience, quality of care they provide to their patients and the complexity of technologies and therapies used.

PALLADION uses advanced therapies by leading experts. It is ranked among the best rehabilitation centers in Eastern Europe and searched by patients from all over the world due to its proven ability to achieve the best and maximum operational improvement.

The biggest names in the medical sector trust us and we manage to repay this trust.

We have a special Robotic Rehabilitation Department, a Neurofeedback Department, as well as Focused and Whole-Body Hyperthermia Departments.

We have not referred to catering services, but we prepare meals in our own kitchen based on the Mediterranean diet and the directions of our clinical nutritionist.

We are situated in the heart of the Peloponnese, just 1.5 hour from Athens and 2.5 hours from Patras and 50 minutes from Kalamata.

We are 5’ away from the largest Hospital of the Peloponnese District, the GENERAL HOSPITAL OF TRIPOLI PANARKADIKO.

We have guardians’ transport service for free from Athens once a week.

We collaborate not only with the EOPYY fund but with the EYDAP and the Bank of Greece funds as well.

We support research programs in collaboration with research centers such as the Foundation for Research and Technology.

We meet international standards and have innovative therapeutic approaches.

We invest in a unique and state-of-the-art medical and technical equipment by international manufacturers.

We focus on the best therapeutic result within the shortest deadline possible.

We have the strongest medical team, ready to cover any of your needs.

We have invested in human resources, staffing PALLADION with the most experienced and specialized personnel, continuously supporting further studies.

We offer high quality services in reasonable prices.

Our facilities are comfortable and operational, compared only with large hospital facilities abroad respectively.

You know the rehabilitation costs right from the beginning in PALLADION and there are not hidden charges.

We give the ability to the patient to come to a place of unique natural beauty and to the family to continue its everyday life at the lowest charge possible.

After your discharge from PALLADION, we keep by your side and propose ways to solve any additional difficulty. 

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 2ο km Tripoli-Tegea Ring Road,
22100 Tripoli

Why choose PALLADION!
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