Homeopathy in Palladion

The law of similar!

Homeopathy derives from the words “omoio” and “pathos”, it is an alternative medicine system based on the axiom that “similar things are treated with similar”, which means that the treatment of a physical or spiritual disease may be achieved with the use of pharmaceutical substances that are able to cause the symptoms of that disease when put in a healthy body.

Its basic target is to reinforce the body itself by activating the defense mechanisms, resulting it balance restoration in all three levels of existence (physical, mental and spiritual), which is health.

Stimulate the therapeutic power of your body!

Homeopathy deals with the human entity as one, and it is exactly what it focuses on treating.

For standard Medicine, symptoms are caused by the disease and medication focuses on countering those symptoms. On the other hand, homeopathy is totally different. The symptoms are the body’s reaction to the disease, in its effort to counter it and return to its normal and healthy condition.

Homeopathy medication reinforce this reaction and does not counter it, having been designed to help reinforce the therapeutic power of the body.

It is produced from small quantities of natural substances and metals, in authorized labs and under strict control procedures. They are usually taken in the form of pill but they are also available in liquid, powder or cream form.

Efficiency and safety!

Homeopathy is painless. It reinforces and revitalizes the body in general, thus helps to treat various symptoms such as allergies, stress, depression, osteoarthritis, insomnia, migraines, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome etc. with long-lasting effects.

During your visit in PALLADION, the homeopathy doctor will pose a series of question in terms of current and past medical issues, mental health issues, sleep habits, nutrition and digestion. Then, he will define the therapy type that best suits your needs.

Apart from your current symptoms, the doctor will also discuss your way of life, your medical history and the status of your mind before defining the type of homeopathy medication and its way of use.

Homeopathy medication in Palladion

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