The beneficial effect of water to the human body is certified by its use as a means of therapeutic procedure.

The therapeutic exercises in the water are known as hydrotherapy and refers to the application of water as therapeutic means. It is one of the fundamental aspects of rehabilitation.

Improve the mobility of your joints – reinforce your body!

Hydrotherapy in Palladion

The water temperature is 31 – 34oC, while buoyancy and its other characteristic features allow the easy, free and safe mobilization of the vertebral column, as well as of upper and lower limbs, even in cases where loading is not available or not recommended.

In addition, the serenity and relaxation offered by the pool water has significant results in your body and soul, facilitating the achievement of rehabilitation goals:

  • promotes muscular relaxation
  • decreases muscular spasms and spasticity
  • relieves the pain sensitivity
  • increases the joint mobility effectiveness
  • reduces the gravity effects
  • improves stability and balance
  • improves peripheral and lymph circulation, thus contributing to the absorption of oedemas and hematomas
  • improves morale and self-confidence of the patient, and lastly
  • increases muscular strength and stamina in cases of severe weakness.

The rehabilitation team of PALLADION undertakes the regular re-planning of the hydrotherapy program that you follow, according to the disease and course of your status.


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