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Stories of Strength & Faith

Stories of strenght and faith

Dimitris K.

“I lost 35 kilos in 3.5 months. It was better than I expected.”

Antonis Ch.

“I was lucky I came to PALLADION and I return home being well!”

Ioannis T.

“One of the best relations you can have.”

Anastasia K.

“I believed I would not be healed, but day by day I made it.”

Thodoris B.

“I feel myself lucky to be in PALLADION.”

Kon/nos Koliopoulos (A.E.K. Tripolis)

Talks about his experience in PALLADION.

Ioannis S.

“The 2 months I spent were so few for the work we did there.”

Kostas K.

“I am very satisfied by everything.”

Kamil S.

“I am now independent!”

Vasilis D.

“The stress I felt all over me is now gone.”

Stergios K.

“Everyone helped me both physically and mentally!”

Giorgos P.

“You leave PALLADION as a friend. Everyone earns your trust.”

Kyriakoula Z.

“They gave me the strength to go through and stand on my feet again!”

Kondylia P.

“Thanks to you I walked again!”

Kon/na R.

“I found great support in PALLADION. The difference was huge.”

Paraskevi R.

“I felt so pumped up, both physically and mentally!”

The contribution of PALLADION to its patients and relatives is invaluable and essential. You helped us a lot and we thank you. We wish that you keep offering your services in the same excellent way and that you receive the strength and courage to go on. I wish the best to the staff and doctors.

All in all, I wish to say well done – congratulations to those who thought of and built such a center, PALLADION. All congratulations also go to the people working at PALLADION and do their best for the patients – sometimes even more than their work contract dictates. We thank the scientific, nursing and administrative staff for everything they have done for Mrs. Stavroula Koniari.

I am totally satisfied from the staff. Thank you for the support and assistance you gave me willingly. PALLADION is a jewel for the area, and I hope it continues its beautiful scope.

Warm congratulations to physiotherapists and the nursing staff for their good disposition, their willingness and their humanness.

We came across you by chance and we helped is in a difficult moment of our life. We thank you for your compassion and the medical services you offered. Keep up with your majestic scope.

I deem that a simple thank you is not enough!!! The first day I came to the center I was in panic and in a state of madness. Thankfully, the beautiful girls calmed me down (each one was better than the other). Everyone in the center undertook the case I accompanied with great interest and care. The care they provided to Mrs. Gkolfo was excellent. Everything went well after 45 days. Mrs. Gkolfo left walking by herself, and I left smiling. Congratulations to those that decided to create such a center in our city as it will help many people in times of need. Thank you!

You offered the best services to my dearest person, my mother, during one of her most difficult days of her life. We thank you so much. May you be blessed and offer the best to those in need of you.

Many congratulations go to this wonderful rehabilitation center you created in Tripoli and to the invaluable and essential aid you offer. I would like to thank Ms. Karniadaki and Chatzimanolaki family specifically. Many felicitations to the medical, nursing and administrative personnel of the Center for their professionalism, the love and dedication they exhibit generously to patients. Thank you for everything.

I believe that it is one of the best rehabilitation centers with very pleasant environment and very good personnel. I brought a person in a pretty bad shape, and I took him out standing on his feet. Thank you for everything.

I am impressed by the center and especially by the staff. I have come from abroad and the service is equal to American centers. Love for patients… that is what I saw with my eyes. Thank you all very much.

Anything I write will not suffice… thank you for everything. All staff members are perfectly trained. Congratulations!

Thank you for the brilliant accommodation during our recuperation. The staff treated us more as family and less like employees. Many kisses!

Στην διάρκεια των 2 μηνών που νοσηλεύτηκε ο πατέρας μου στο κέντρο σας, έχω να θυμάμαι την άψογη και υπέρ του δέοντος επαγγελματική συμπεριφορά σας!!! Θα ήθελα να σας δώσω πολλά συγχαρητήρια και να σας ευχαριστήσω μέσα από την καρδιά μου για την προσπάθεια που καταβάλατε όλοι για την γρήγορη αποκατάσταση του πατέρα μου. Καλή δύναμη στο δύσκολο έργο σας και σας ευχαριστώ πολύ για άλλη μία φορά!

We had the best impression! Thanks to all staff. I wish we could stay longer.

The Center is immaculate and very clean, while the staff is perfect. To be honest, I am not happy to leave them. Thank you very much.

From the bottom of our heart and for the care of our mother, we thank the doctors, the nursing staff, the secretariat, the assisting staff and all personnel that willingly give their everything for the rehabilitation of patients. We wish the best to all!

We leave with the best impression. We thank the staff and the doctors for the perfect services they provided to us. Good luck in your objective.

Thank you for what you did for my mother! We wish you good luck in your work which is very important. All your partners are great! Thank you.

We thank you for the care and services you provided all this time to our mother. Her health has improved, and she keeps better every day. Our impressions are excellent. Congratulations to the doctors and the nursing staff for their expertise and help to all of us.

An exceptional Rehabilitation Center, on par with the European ones… Thank you for everything!


 2ο km Tripoli-Tegea Ring Road,
22100 Tripoli

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