Clinical Pilates

Harmonize your body with your mind! The epitome of “healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Based on the principles of traditional pilates, the therapeutic or “clinical’ pilates changes everything in the field of therapeutic exercise, aiming to relieve pain related to the neck, the vertebral column, from sport injuries. You have tried other traditional methods without any result? Now is the time to trust an alternative and personalized therapeutic approach that places you in the center and forms around you.

You are your therapist!

After a full analysis of your physiology, monitoring of tour pathology status and observation of your body stance, the specialized therapist and gymnast of PALLADION plans a personal program that fits your level and abilities, reducing the risk of injury or aggravation of past health issues.

The exercise therapeutic program aims to:

I learn to place my vertebral column in linear position, to free space between my vertebrae and to elongate my spine.

I learn to breath deep, deepen my inhale and exhale and enjoy the calmness it offers.

I learn to be present in the moment, read the needs of my body and chose moves that allow me to save energy.

I learn to control my muscles, control in detail the flow of my movement and relieve pain.

Move comfortably, safely and freely!

The excellent and worldwide known equipment of PALLADION manufactured by the American company BASI SYSTEM (REFORMER, CADILLAC, CHAIR, BARREL), is the fundamental factor of a safe Clinical Pilates system. Special beds with a series of springs, belts and pulleys are the main equipment you use during your personal training program and thus you see you body in its maximum fitness capacity!


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