Science at your feet!

In the beginning there was energy.
Energy flows. It circulates in the body, spirit and soul. For life and health to exist, this vital force must in sufficient quantities and flow freely. Reflexology focuses on this free flow of energy, a technique that is based on science, allowing the human body to experience welfare and vitality as a whole.

Feet: a perfect small map of the entire body.

Did you know that all organs, glands and tissues of the human body reflect on our feet? More than 7000 nerve endings end up at the point that constitutes the cornerstone of the human body, out connection to Earth. They are “reflective” connection points with deeper elements of our body, that upon proper pressure and touches, allow us to “unblock” our body and activate the self-healing mechanism.


Reflexology is for you if you are interested in:


It allows you to enter a state of deep serenity and relaxation, where body, soul and mind are in complete balance.

Enhancement of the respiratory and circulation system.

The free flow of blood allows the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and tissues and removes useless substances and toxins from the body. Reflexology reduces physical and mental tension, allowing the cardiovascular tissues’ network to perform important operations, promote better oxygenation and detoxification of the body.


It’s the body’s ability to maintain the internal environment stable, no matter the external conditions in which it lives, via multiple homeostatic mechanisms. Reflexology allows these mechanisms to function properly and together so that our body stays healthy and in harmony. At the same time, our body is relieved from stress and is able to defend itself in time in case of “threats” posed from diseases.


Stop to stress and panic

Excessive stress usually caused by various conditions and pace of our everyday lives activates the “fight or flight” instinct. We feel that we are threatened and we either want to fight back or escape. All this internal battle usually materializes in our body and puts it in constant panic mode. Reflexology may constitute a good ally, transferring us to an environment where we feel safe and calm. The feeling of panic is attenuated, we manage to come to our senses, our heartbeat becomes normal and stable, digestive functions work again properly and the body is freed.

Creativity and inspiration

Mental clarity, increased connectivity with the environment and observation abilities, a harmony of body and mind, a sense of fullness and serenity are some of the feelings described by those who experienced a reflexology session. Amidst the intense everyday life, reflexology helps you to contact yourself once again, as a whole, with your therapist and then with whatever is around you.

Choose a reflexology session in PALLADION and enjoy better sleep, stronger immune system and a healthier body, calm mind with a feeling of endless energy and vitality!
You deserve it!


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