Dry Immersion

Unique Servive!

Dry Immersion in Palladion

A unique experience full of pleasure!

Consisting of a layer of heated water, the innovative device of therapeutic immersion (Spa Bed Jouvence) is designed to offer you total relaxation! The advanced technology of Spa Bed Jouvence is a unique tool that will help you relax, reduce and relief from stress!

Serenity and revitalization!

You lie down on a compact mattress of water, which is the perfect foundation for a relaxing massage or a placing a layer of skin care products. Then, the mattress slowly releases air to lower you in a position where you feel that you float on real water, while a special cover has been placed for additional heat.

When the mattress of air rises again, your feet are lifted first and supported, to stabilize and stimulate circulation.

Free your body!

In a beautiful, carefully decorated and designed place, you enjoy a Dry Immersion session, allowing your body to let go. The specialized PALLADION staff is always at your disposal and ready to offer you a pleasant adjustment to the environment.

Your body is freed as it is “engulfed” by the water mattress in which it floats, removing the sense of gravity.

The feeling of floating will help you relax, remove the tension of the day, find your mental balance and clear your mind from unnecessary thoughts while you reinforce your muscular system. 


 2ο km Tripoli-Tegea Ring Road,
22100 Tripoli

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