The beneficial effects of water on the human body become very clear when it is used as part of the therapeutic process.

Palladium has two therapy pools, in spacious facilities of 400m{^>2 <^}with garden views. The pools are ergonomically designed with variable depth and are equipped with special lifts, which also permit people with very severe mobility problems or disabilities to use them. Additional equipment provides support and resistance, including parallel bars, hydromassage (directional and floor), counter-current swimming system, and other items of special equipment for exercising in water.

The ideal water temperature enables muscles to relax, helps to alleviate joint pain and increases range of motion. The peaceful, relaxing environment of the pool has a remarkably positive effect on patients, both physically and mentally.

The rehabilitation team reviews each patient’s hydrotherapy programme regularly, according to the nature of the condition and the patient’s progress.

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