Interdisciplinary team

The holistic treatment of each patient’s needs is the key to faster and more effective recovery. For this reason, we put together a specialist rehabilitation team you can depend on. Members of the team are the attending physical medicine and rehabilitation physician (physiatrist) - as the overall treatment coordinator, other medical specialists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, hydrotherapist, psychologist, nursing staff, dietitian and social worker. The PALLADION Rehabilitation and Recovery Centre works closely with attending physicians whenever the patient's condition requires it.

The mission of the team is to develop an holistic approach to the needs of the patient, focusing on the mind, body and soul. The therapeutic goal is achieved through:

  • individual patient evaluation
  • potential rehabilitation assessment
  • design of the individual rehabilitation programme
  • regular monitoring of progress

The interdisciplinary team is there to support patients and their families at every step of the way during the treatment programme, as well as following its completion.

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