PALLADION Rehabilitation Centre is planning a series of seminars on both medical issues and matters of more general interest. Check back regularly for more details.

Seminars held so far include:

  1. Management of neurogenic bone cyst disorders
  2. Professional burn-out in the health sector
  3. Psychological health of patients and carers - carer behaviours and their management
  4. Waste management
  5. Elements of clinical diagnostic imaging
  6. Hospital-acquired infections - how to prevent them
  7. Analysis of movement - gait
  8. Posture retraining
  9. Acid-base homeostasis
  10. Cardio-respiratory resuscitation
  11. The diabetic patient
  12. Safety at Work
  13. Blood gas analysis
  14. Pain management in chronic sufferers
  15. Chronic illness and nursing care
  16. Dysphagia - evaluation and treatment
  17. Special developmental disorders of speech and motor coordination
  18. Respiratory physiotherapy
  19. New technologies in the prevention and treatment of chronic sores and ulcers
  20. Clinical protocols
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