Does the National Health Service (EOPYY) cover outpatient treatment sessions?

The EOPYY has drawn up a list of conditions which are covered for outpatient treatment at a Rehabilitation & Recovery Centre. For more information click Insurance Fundshere or call 27160-08-888. 


What procedure must I follow in order to start a rehabilitation treatment programme as an outpatient at PALLADION?

  1. You should call the secretarial services office to make an appointment with the physiatrist.
  2. After your examination, the physiatrist will recommend a treatment programme that meets your needs. 


What documentation is required to start outpatient treatment at PALLADION with EOPYY coverage?

  1.  A medical diagnosis and recommendation that a course of rehabilitation sessions as an outpatient is necessary from an EOPYY certified physician.
  2. An electronic prescription for the sessions
  3. A certificate of approval for the prescribed sessions from anEOPYYaudit official


Can someone come to do swimming pool treatment therapy only?

Yes. This would be preceded by an evaluation from the physiatrist, followed by a specially-designed, personalised therapeutic hydrotherapy exercise programme.


What happens if I miss a scheduled appointment?

Your strict adherence to your scheduled appointments is considered absolutely essential and vital to successful treatment. If for some reason, you need to miss a therapy session, you should contact us by phone to cancel the appointment.


What clothing or equipment do I need for my treatment sessions?

The clothing or equipment a patient might need depends on the type of treatment they are to follow. If your appointment involves physiotherapy or occupational therapy, wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes. If you schedule an appointment for hydrotherapy, you need an athletic-type swimsuit, a towel, bathrobe and non-slip shower sandals.


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