Does the National Health Service (EOPYY) cover hospitalisation at PALLADION?

The EOPYY has drawn up a list of conditions which are covered for inpatient treatment at a Rehabilitation & Recovery Centre. For more information click here or call 27160-08-888.


What medical specialties are available at PALLADION?

PALLADION’s medical team includes physiatrists, general practitioners, neurologists, cardiologists, radiologists, and microbiologists. New medical specialties are being added to the team all the time.


Can I take a tour around the Centre before I make a decision about my admission for treatment?

It is our pleasure to show you around the PALLADION Rehabilitation Centre and answer any question you might have about your hospitalisation. Please call the centre in advance to make arrangements for your visit.


What items should I bring with me for my stay at the centre?

When you are admitted to the PALLADION Centre you should bring personal items, including personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, sponge/washcloth) as well as comfortable clothing, pajamas, underwear, swimwear, slippers and athletic shoes.
It should be noted that patients are advised not to bring valuables, as the Centre cannot take responsibility for any loss. More details can be found in our admissions guide.


Can relatives or friends visit me, and at which hours?

The PALLADION Rehabilitation and Recovery Centre has designated visiting hours, which should be respected by patients’ relatives and friends. On weekdays, visitors are welcome from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, while weekend visiting hours are 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm


What would my day at the PALLADION Rehabilitation Centre involve?

Each patient’s programme is different, designed exclusively to treat their specific circumstances. The day includes scheduled therapy sessions, which are held in the morning. The patient then takes his lunchtime meal and has some time to rest after lunch. Later in the afternoon, the treatment programme will continue, or there are creative activities organised, under the guidance of the Centre’s staff.


Can I bring food from home?

Part of the treatment process you will be following at PALLADION involves a carefully designed diet provided for you by the Centre. Your meals are prepared on the instructions of the clinical dietitian by professional chefs, so it would be counterproductive to bring food from home. But we are sure that you will find our menu to be both healthy and delicious!


How can I find out about the patient’s progress?

To inquire about the progress your loved one is making, you should arrange an appointment to speak to the Scientific Director of the Centre.


I don’t live in Tripoli, but I would like my loved one to receive inpatient treatment at your facility. How often should I visit?

You can visit the patient as often as you wish. The distance from Athens (only 158 km) would permit frequent visits. But your presence at our Centre is in no way essential to the programme of treatment your family member will be following. Our suggestion is to come to the Centre once a week to visit and see how treatment is progressing.


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Please be aware of the following:

  • For reasons of health and the safety of patients, smoking is prohibited in all areas inside the Centre.
  • To prevent transmission of infections to patients, it is recommended that you avoid visiting if you have a contagious viral infection.
  • Please respect and obey visiting hours. Patients need their peace and quiet to rest and recover.
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